avril 14, 2022


1. Who is an auditor? An auditor is one who earns a living by conducting regular assessments, verification, examination, checks or inspection on critical issues within the confines of an Organisations, Institution; public or private. The Auditor in the context of the Profession is a specialised Accountant, institutionally confirmed or publicly qualified and conduct regular assessments on risk prone activities within framework of public or private entity. The Auditor of today can be defined in 3 facets: a) The internal auditor, b) The Public or Chartered Auditor/Accountant, and c) The State Auditor/Inspector/Examiner etc. Within the 3 facets, because of the specific nature of the risk involved in the activity, the academic and professional training will underscore the level of knowledge to be acquired.
octobre 14, 2021

Recycling Seminar on HR Administration highlight

Recycling Seminar on HR Administration highlight...

mars 1, 2021

Reorientation with SINOPEC

Reorientation with SINOPEC international petroleum service corporation Cameroon Limited..

juillet 25, 2020

Training seminar: Internal Control Overview and Inspection in a Microfinance Network.

Internal Control Overview and Inspection in a Microfinance Network...

juillet 16, 2020

Mission: Assurance Engagement of the PSMNR-SWR

For the purpose of the Reasonable Assurance Engagement of the Programme for Sustainable..

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