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Asah Alpha & Co, is one of the leading African companies in its field, covering all markets while implementing different accounting systems, without any language, cultural or even professional barriers.
The company has an excellent command of the various accounting systems practiced in Central and West Africa, Nigeria, Ghana and the Democratic Republic of Congo in the public and private sectors.


Outsourcing of accounting services

Year-end accounting review

Preparation of Statistical and Tax Statements (DSF)


Conversion (IFRS / OHADA REVISE) vice versa

Restructuring of Accounting Systems

Stock exchange reporting

Specific Accounting Work (TCS)

Groups, merger and consolidated accounts


The accounting of projects financed by donors of international funds

Accounting of Non Governmental Organizations (NGOs)

The individualized package of Diplomatic Missions

The accounts of the Cameroonian municipal administrations

International Public Sector Accounting Standards (IPSAS)